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Alex Natale is a freshman at Wheaton College in Norton, MA. She is looking to pursue English, Women’s Studies, and journalism in a complicated mix of majors and minors. On campus she serves as the Treasurer and Media/Public Relations representative of the Feminist Association of Wheaton. She also contributes to the Wheaton newspaper. Alex hopes to pursue a career in journalism, and is passionate about social justice and activism. She is a strong believer in good music, good friends, and coffee.
Gabby Lysko is a high school senior living in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She is interested in international affairs, which she hopes to eventually pursue as a major in college. Gabby enjoys good music, books, and spending time with interesting people.
Hope Brinn is a sophomore at Swarthmore College and a graduate of Ursuline Academy in Wilmington, Delaware. She is studying education policy with the hopes of reforming the US education system to provide equal educational opportunities to all. Hope has a strong belief that all students regardless of background deserve high quality resources to allow them to gain access to college. In college, she works with the College Access Center of Delaware County and the Good Food Project. For fun, she enjoys watching Modern Family and reading about the college admissions process.
Second-year journalism student at Marist College, interested in social justice politics, international conflicts, and documentary making.
Joyce Wu is a junior at Swarthmore College majoring in linguistics with a minor in English literature. Outside of the academic, she is the chief copy editor for The Swarthmore Phoenix and a member of the Swarthmore Queer Union's board. She is an International Baccalaureate Diploma holder from an international secondary school in Hong Kong. Joyce believes strongly in the value of a US-style liberal arts education and would like to see this option extended to more students around the world. Outside of school, she enjoys food, comic strips, and Tumblr.
Kate Hopkins is a sophomore studying Biochemistry, and currently contemplating adding Animal and Poultry Science as a double major, at Virginia Tech. She has lived all over the United States, though when not living in Blacksburg, she currently calls Shenzhen, China home. At Tech she is involved in the University Honors program, living and participating in the Honors Residential College at East Ambler Johnston on campus. Kate always has been and always will be a die-hard Hokie (Danny Coale made that catch) and tries to get to as many football games as possible. Before coming to school, Kate always planned on going on to attend medical school, with the hopes of one day working as a surgeon at a major hospital in the States. She now goes back and forth between the idea of medical and veterinary school, but if all else fails she plans to move to Scotland and own a sheep farm.
Laina Chin is a first-year at Swarthmore College who plans to double major in gender and sexuality studies and something else (open to suggestions). Outside of the academic world, she is involved in Swarthmore Queer Union and works as a Sexual Health Counselor. Outside of the college world, Laina enjoys spinning, yoga, and visiting her alma mater, The Archer School for Girls, in Los Angeles, CA.
Melissa currently attends the University of Connecticut- Stamford Campus as a freshman. She plans to graduate as a Communication Science Major with a possible minor in Computer Science. At UConn she is part of the Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority and has a part time internship at Brain Parade, a company that employs technology to create educational tools for students with disabilities. She is an undocumented student and has been granted deferred action this year, which has opened many opportunities for her. She has lived in the United States for 16 out of her 18 years of life, and loves every second of it. Melissa hopes to work in Advertising, possibly in New York City.
Paige Gugerty is a sophomore in the Honors Program at the University of Delaware. At UD, she is a Leadership major, which to some sounds outlandish and creative, and it is! Aside from Lead, she enjoys studying philosophy and English. On campus, she is involved in the Honors Program and leads wilderness adventures with the Outing Club. She likes scouring farmer’s markets, running around campus, and listening to Bruce Springsteen. Paige believes that we should eat foods that make us feel good, that are fresh and close to the source.
Ronald Foo is an international student from Singapore and a freshman at Grinnell College. He is interested in pursuing a major (or two) in either Anthropology, Economics or Psychology, but is open to other academic disciplines. Having served in the military prior to college, he anticipates the opportunities that a Liberal Arts Education has to offer and relishes the experience of living and studying in a foreign country after a two-year academic hiatus . An avid traveller and a marathon runner, he hopes to explore the country (and other parts of the world) as well as to participate in the NYC and Boston Marathons during his college years.
Tiffany Wu is a freshmen at UCLA majoring in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and might double major in Computer Engineering. She likes owls and puppies and kittens.
William Fedullo is a sophomore at Swarthmore College. He is studying English and Philosophy. He is on the editorial board of Small Craft, Swarthmore's oldest literary magazine, and the treasurer of Swarthmore's Model United Nations team. Outside of school, he enjoys reading, writing, wasting time on the Internet, and composing stilted writer bios.

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