Mentoring Program Overview

The mentee application (for rising high school seniors) will open in April 2015.

The mentor application can be found here and is due March 28th.

The Collegiate Blog has recently launched a mentoring program for juniors applying to universities and colleges in the United States. The program will officially begin in May 2015.

The program’s purpose is twofold: not only will the program promote equal access to resources for low-income students across the country, but will also help students find their “fit” college, which is the cornerstone of the Collegiate’s philosophy.

Rather than focusing on rankings, titles, and “dream school” ideology, mentors will help point students towards finding universities where they fit academically, socially, and, perhaps most important, financially, regardless of whether it is a state college or an Ivy League university.

The mentors will include members of the Collegiate staff, who have completed their college application process within the previous four years and are currently attending schools such as Harvard University, University of Chicago, Yale University, Vassar College, Oberlin College, and Swarthmore College. They will offer advice, insight, and constructive criticism to a handful of lucky seniors applying to college.

The mentors will be a readily available resource for students. Their expertise will come in handy when helping students narrow their list of colleges, review their essays, and prepare for standardized testing and interviews.

The seniors will be contacted in early June regarding their acceptance and will be introduced to their matched mentor later in the month. Through a combination of either biweekly or weekly meetings, at the discretion of the mentee and their mentor, the pair will undergo the process of applying to colleges through January.

The program will continue through the financial aid process, which is as equally stressful to families as the admissions process itself.  The program is also willing to consider interested international students applying to colleges in the United States.

If you have any questions about the mentoring program, email Hope Brinn at or use the comment box below!

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  2. Isaac Howland
    Isaac Howland at · Reply

    My summer internship plans fell through. Do any of your opportunities (or college locations) deal with Architecture? I’m pretty sure I want to study this field, but a mentorship could help w/ my decision which school to attend. Can you let me know? Thanks.

  3. Fritzner Julien
    Fritzner Julien at · Reply

    I filled out an application back on April 1, but never received any emails from the Collegiate Blog, acceptance, rejection, or otherwise. Can you shed some light so that i can be sure?

  4. Theresa Seelbach
    Theresa Seelbach at · Reply

    I filled out an application a while back and haven’t heard anything back at all.
    Do I assume rejection?

  5. Sara
    Sara at · Reply

    I was wondering why we need to fill out the address and all. I am not comfortable with giving that out unless I know why.

  6. Olivia
    Olivia at · Reply

    When will the 2014-2015 application be posted?

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  8. Harsha Vankayalapati
    Harsha Vankayalapati at · Reply

    Hello Mr Brinn,

    I want to register for the College Mentor program. What should I do, I did not see the application form.

    Harsha V

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