Mentor Application

The mentor application is due on March 28th. You can access the application here.


The Collegiate Blog’s Mentoring Program seeks to assist students from all backgrounds who are interested in attending college in the United States in achieving their goals. The Mentoring Program seeks to accomplish this by matching motivated, high-potential, rising high school seniors with an equally talented college students. The mentors, college students, work individually with their mentees to guide them through the college process. Mentors help their mentees craft a list of colleges that fit them — academically, financially, socially, and geographically. They then support their mentees through the application, financial aid processes for those colleges, and ultimately the selection process. Nearly all mentoring occurs via the internet and phone, removing the geographic constraints of traditional brick-and-mortar mentoring programs.

Who We Look For

Mentors are talented college students who are committed to expanding college access for students from all backgrounds. The application to become a mentor is open to all college students and current high school seniors. Mentors are selected for the program based on their demonstrated commitment to promoting college access, history of academic excellence, and ability to form strong relationships with mentees.

Program Requirements

Mentors are expected to communicate with their mentees at least weekly about relevant steps in the college process. For instance, in the summer you would be expected to help your mentees craft a list of colleges to apply to, help them in QuestBridge applications, and begin working on their personal statements. In addition, you will be expected to make regular contact with parents/guardians to update them on their child’s progress.

To ensure that all mentors have the knowledge and skills they need to be effective, mentors will be required to complete a number of online training sessions that cover the nuts and bolts of the college process. The total training time will be approximately five hours. In addition, mentors will be expected to assist in the creation of webinars for their mentees about different phases in the college process.

Typically, mentors should expect to work for about one to two hours per week with the mentoring program.

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