Colleges That Meet 100% of Demonstrated Need for International Students

We received a question from a reader asking if we could compile a list of colleges that meet 100% of demonstrated financial need to students regardless of whether or not admissions is need-blind. For colleges that are need-aware, admissions is often hyper-competitive. These colleges may only admit 5 or 6 international students who need financial aid. However, once they are admitted 100% of their financial need is met.

The need-blind colleges admit all students, international or domestic, without consideration of ability to pay. These colleges, however, are among the most competitive in the world so competition is fierce for all students regardless of residency.

In the list below, some colleges include loans in the financial aid package as a way to meet financial need. Others don’t. Some schools that give loans to domestic students do not give them to international students. And, keep in mind that many loans will require an American co-signer.

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