Colleges That Are Need-Blind for International Students

International students applying to colleges in the US often face financial aid policies that are far less generous than those for domestic students. International students and non-residents are ineligible for state and federal financial aid programs in the US. This means that colleges and universities must take on the expense of covering state and federal grants with institutional grants if they want to meet an international student’s demonstrated financial need. As a result, most colleges are need-aware for international students. Need-aware means that when considering whether to admit a student, a college will take the student’s financial status into account. However, there are 6 schools in the United States that are need-blind to international students AND will meet 100% of international students’ demonstrated financial need.

No Loans for All Incomes

No Loans for Some Incomes

These 6 colleges, however, are certainly not the only options for international students seeking financial aid. Swarthmore College, for example, practices need-aware financial aid for international students but meets 100% of demonstrated need without loans for all admitted international students. Furthermore, 50% of international students receive financial aid. For colleges that are need-aware, international students with financial need can still earn excellent financial aid, but they face even stiffer competition than US applicants (at Swarthmore, the acceptance rate for international with need is less than 5%).

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    Dartmouth is no longer need blind for international students. Please update your article. Thanks.

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