Apply to Be A Volunteer College Admissions Mentor By March 28! *Extended to April 1st*

Apply to Be A Volunteer College Admissions Mentor By March 28! *Extended to April 1st*

The mentoring application is due March 28. Please fill out the form here.

The Collegiate Blog Mentoring Program seeks to assist students from all backgrounds who are interested in attending college in the U.S. in achieving their goals. The Mentoring program matches high-achieving, motivated, diverse high school seniors with equally talented undergraduate students. Mentors and mentees work together virtually (through phone and Internet communication) throughout the summer and academic year. Mentors help mentees establish college lists that match them academically, financially, socially, and geographically. Each mentor connects with their mentee personally to help them build a dynamic and powerful voice in their personal statements, seek financial aid opportunities, and develop their confidence and skills to perform at a higher academic level.

Who are looking for?
Mentors must be undergraduate students during the 2015-2016 academic year (including freshmen) and are committed towards expanding college access to students of all backgrounds. Mentor applicants who have overcome adversity during their high school careers and college admissions process and/or have experience working with students with underprivileged backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Program Requirements
Mentors must be active with their work. Mentors are expected to communicate with the mentee about relevant steps about the college admissions process each week for at least one hour. During the rush period for college applications (between September to December), mentors must commit an extra hour each week to review and critique college applications.

Mentors attend a total of three conference calls scheduled throughout the academic year (one in the summer, October, and January) with the mentoring team to review duties and access mentoring successes. At the end of the mentoring process, mentors must write one article about any aspect of the mentoring experience or college admissions topic to be published on The Collegiate Blog.

Tentative Dates
The mentoring program will start in May 2015. During the summer months, mentors should start establishing a relationship with the mentee and thoroughly explain to them all of the college admissions components. During the Fall, mentors provide insightful guidance to the mentees on their college applications. During the Winter to Spring, mentors and mentees focus on filling out financial aid and outside scholarship applications and developing essential study skills for college.