Mentoring Program Launches New Campaign

Mentoring Program Launches New Campaign

Over the past two years, the Collegiate Mentoring Program has helped more than 60 high-achieving, low-income students attend some of the best colleges in the country with excellent financial aid packages. Our mentees at Harvard, Yale, Penn, Columbia, Colgate, Trinity, and Vassar, among others.

But we need your help! The college application process is expensive. For one student to apply to the recommended five colleges and submit financial aid applications for each of them, the average cost comes to $330. Our mentees typically come from families who earn less than $30,000 per year and receive free or reduced cost lunch at school. Having application fees paid for can mean the difference between enrolling and not enrolling college.

Even small contributions can make a huge difference for our students. Every dollar will go directly into the hands of needy students striving to get to college.

  • $16 — Covers a CSS Profile financial aid application
  • $50 — Covers the cost of submitting a college application
  • $51 — Covers the cost of the SAT
  • $89 — Covers the cost of an AP Exam
  • $330 — Covers full application costs for a high-achieving, low-income student

One hundred percent of mentees matriculate to college compared to just 50% of low-income students nationally. Furthermore, most of them will graduate debt-free. We want to reach more students and enable more talented, capable, and motivated students to attend the college of their dreams.

Want to donate? Click here. You can win all sorts of perks like free college counseling, stickers, and shout outs.

Want to contribute in other ways? Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty you can do.

  • Become a mentor College students (including rising freshmen) can apply through June 1st
  • Become a mentee  Current high school juniors can apply through May 31st
  • Blog Connected to media outlets? Have your own blog? Give us a shout out!
  • Spread the word Tell eligible mentors, mentees, and potential donors about the campaign.

Have questions? Let us know in the comment section below.