This Week in College

This Week in College

Is Washington & Lee manipulating its application data to appear more competitive?

At the University of Alabama, a number of  traditionally white sororites have finally accepted minority students after criticism from the school newspaper.

In order to help students and parents understand financial aid better, Wellesley College has released its new college cost estimator that hopes to demystify the price of higher education.

Despite the push at many colleges and universities for e-book textbooks, it has been shown that students like physical textbooks better.

Dartmouth, Cornell, and Princeton have joined 11 other college/universities in offering the “Say Yes to Equation” program that offers both full and partial tuition grants.

Does merit aid present a challenge in that it rewards the wealthy, prosperous students and ignores ones that have dealt with more adversity?

The issues female college students face when they are successful are numerous, one being the relationship strains that appear when partners are less-motivated.