College Admissions Mentoring: The Light in Darkness

College Admissions Mentoring: The Light in Darkness

The college application process can be quite hectic.  However, somehow, students make it through.  Those who make it through successfully are now more than capable of tackling the process over again (not that they would want to).  Survivors of the college admissions process possess valuable knowledge that can come in handy to anyone who requires guidance with applying to colleges.  Finding these students can be somewhat difficult.  However, there are many college admissions mentoring programs that offer free help to rising seniors.

The Collegiate Blog: The Collegiate Blog, the very website where you find your eyes scrolling through, offers college admissions help to rising seniors.  Every year, the organization releases an application that helps match selected applicants with mentors.  These highly experienced mentors help students with the college application process by editing essays, helping prepare for interviews, testing, and much more.  I was a mentee of the Collegiate Blog for the 2012 college application process and cannot imagine getting through it as successfully as I did without the help of my mentor!

CAMP (College Admissions Mentoring Program): CAMP is a recently found organization formed by Questies (QuestBridge Finalists and Scholars).  Consisting of over 40 mentors from the best universities and liberal arts colleges in the nation, and 130 mentees in its current mentoring year, CAMP aims at helping low income students with college applications.  Its mentors are highly experienced with QuestBridge applications as well, so if you happen to be interested in applying via QuestBridge, do check them out:

Chalky: Chalky is a mentorship platform that aims at connecting college students with younger students so as to help them transition into college.  Chalky’s mentors come from the top 50 colleges in the US, many of them attending Stanford, NYU, Notre Dame, and Rice.  Currently, it aims at helping rising high school seniors with college applications and picking the right colleges.  Chalky plans to eventually help college underclassmen get through college and upperclassmen out of college and attain wanted jobs.  For more information, check out their website:

With the help of a mentor, the college application process can be a lot less daunting.  The mentors are out there!  Take advantage of them!  We are out there with the sole purpose of helping you get through this significant transition in your lives.

Editor’s note: Walid earned a QuestBridge National College Match Scholarship to Columbia University and is a Gates Millenium Scholar.