The Process: Part One

The Process: Part One

Collegiate Choices

Part One 

Welcome to my college journey! For the next couple of months, I’ll be chronicling my successes and failures within the application process in a series of Collegiate Blog articles. Whether you’re just starting high school or entering your senior year like me, I hope you can use my college journey as a reference point in your own college process.

Who I am: Hi friends!! My name is Gabby, and I’m a senior attending high school in the homogenous suburbs of Philadelphia. I like fashion, traveling, books (esp. philosophy), listening to music, and big cities. I basically don’t ever sleep. I also really, really, really hate math. In general, life’s pretty cool.

Study/Career goals: In an ideal future world, I’d love to live in a high rise apartment in New York City, and work for the United Nations. I’m thinking about a major in International Relations , and maybe even pursuing Law School afterwards depending on how things go. I’ve considered minoring in psychology or something like that, but it’s a very underdeveloped idea at this point.

What I want in a school (these are super fluid and circumstances differ):
• 5,000 people+
• In a city or very close to a city
• Moderate or left-leaning atmosphere
• Politically active student body (both sides of the spectrum)
• Easy access around with a train/subway system- not necessary to have a car
• Racially diverse
• Solid alumni network

Where I am right now: Currently, I’m considering ~20 potential schools that mostly match my criteria. Some, however, are total outliers and are thrown on there just because I’m a little scared of getting rejected everywhere and being forced to go to one of my safeties. With the common app date steadfastly approaching, I still haven’t started any application essays yet.

My concerns:
• The disparity between my math SAT scores and my Writing/Critical Reading SAT scores
• I’m taking a majority of my AP’s Senior year
• Money doesn’t grow on trees (it sucks)
• Sophomore year grades
• A majority of my prospective schools are in Boston, and Boston is really, really cold

If you have any questions about my college application process or college in general, feel free to contact me at