27 Colleges That Fund Your Campus Visit

27 Colleges That Fund Your Campus Visit

College visits can be a huge financial burden for families. A flight across the country can cost hundreds of dollars just for one person. Below you’ll find a list of colleges that will pay for the transportation and accommodations of prospective students to conduct an overnight visit. Most of these visitation programs have various eligibility criteria and require applicants to complete an application. Typically, students residing outside of the United States are not eligible for these scholarships, however each college has its own set of eligibility criteria.

Overnight visits are highly valuable in that they both allow applicants to demonstrate interest in a school and get a better idea of what life is like at a given college. Oftentimes, colleges will have current students host prospective students. This allows applicants to see the college through a student’s eyes, for better or worse. Ultimately, an overnight visit is a great way for a prospective student to determine if a school is in fact a good fit.

For Students of Color

For First-Generation College Students

For Low-Income Students Regardless of Race or Ethnicity

Intended for Women

For All

*Must have financial need to qualify for a travel grant

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Image courtesy of Connecticut College.