Mythbuster: A Disciplinary Record Is Not The Kiss Of Death

Mythbuster: A Disciplinary Record Is Not The Kiss Of Death

We’ve all made some mistakes in high school, ranging anywhere from forgetting an assignment to skipping class. For those of us who accepted the consequences of violating the code of conduct, our hearts might have dropped when we saw the part in common application that asks for students to report disciplinary records. But don’t fret! That part exists to tell us that colleges understand and accept people who make a mistake in adolescence and learn something from it. So if you are in that situation, here are some tips :

  • DON’T LIE!  (no matter what your friends or parents tell you.)

 Truth is, lying will only hurt you. Colleges check record validity with schools. A college that realizes you’ve been lying may rescind your offer of admission.

  • Read instructions carefully.

 Some colleges overlook a certain violations. But again, honesty is the best policy and most colleges would like students to report any consequences of academic dishonesty. Plus, concealing the record itself is a dishonest.

  • If it has helped shape you as a person, talk about it in your essay.

 Reflect upon the incident. Did it change the way you act now? Did you learn any significant lessons from it? If not, talk about something more important in your life. Don’t feel obligated to write an essay analyzing the motivation behind and lessons learned from cheering for an inappropriate prank.

  • Attach a letter from someone who was aware of the situation.

 Admissions officers encourage students to attach a letter from a teacher or parents who have been through the situation with you or knew what exactly caused you to violate known rules. For example, a teacher can write in a letter explaining your family was going through changes that led you act out in school. They can also inform the school of any growth in character following the incident.

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