Free Mentoring Program Application is LIVE

Now through March 25th, current high school juniors are eligible to apply for the Collegiate Blog mentoring program! The mentoring program provides free personal assistance to high school students applying to colleges and universities in the United States.

The mentoring program will officially begin on May 1st, better known as “deposit day” when the class of 2017 must put down a deposit at their college of choice.

Click here to access the application.

The purpose of the program is to assist rising high school seniors with all aspects of the college process. The ultimate goal is that every mentee will find the college that is the best fit for them academically, socially, emotionally, and financially whether or not that’s a small state school or Harvard. More specifically, the mentoring program will assist with:

  • Creating college lists
  • Standardized test prep
  • Writing essays
  • Choosing a college
  • Support in the transition to college
  • Scholarships and financial aid

Best yet, the mentoring program takes place exclusively via the internet and phone. Students from across the globe are able to access the wonderful support network of mentors and mentees.

Our mentoring program has proven to be highly effective. Mentees have been admitted to a variety of colleges across the country that are good fits for them. These colleges include University of Texas — Austin, Columbia University, University of Chicago, Yale University, Rutgers University, and Georgetown University. They have also received prestigious scholarships like the Horatio Alger Scholarship. We are eagerly anticipating the influx of admissions decisions our current mentees will be receiving between now and April 1st.

The mentors include a diverse group of college students from across the world. They attend colleges that include Pomona College, Wesleyan University, Harvard University, Rice University, University of Chicago, Boston College, and Swarthmore College. All feel passionate about helping students from all backgrounds graduate from the college that is right for them.

Applications for this program are due by March 25th, 2013. Admissions decisions will be released by April 15th, 2013. Please keep in mind that the purpose of this program is not skim “the cream of the crop.” The application does not ask for GPA or SAT scores. The program is evaluating you on how much you could benefit from the mentoring program. Low-income students, minorities, LGBT students, first-generation college students, and undocumented students are especially encouraged to apply.

Have any questions? Email Hope at or use the comment box below!