Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Current College Students

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Current College Students

Did you read our post on potential last-minute college prep gift ideas and wonder, “What about gifts for current college students?” Well, wonder no more. A list of last-minute gift ideas for your college friends is below! What’s more, most of these items are Prime eligible on Amazon, so if you have Amazon Student or Amazon Prime, you’ll get them in two days or fewer. It’s never been more worth it, take a look whats cool and being offered these days for students.

Dorm Stuff

Cushions in the shapes of pizzas, ice cream sandwiches, and hot dogs are good choices for the beds of the food lovers in your life.

For those friends who have trouble getting up in the morning, try a flying alarm clock or a vibrating alarm clock. Or motivate them with childhood throwbacks, like M&M and Buzz Lightyear alarm clocks!

Can’t stand the mass of chargers, appliance wires, and other cables snaking around your friend’s floor? Give them a subtle hint with some apple core-shaped cable organizers.

Cold-Weather Gear

You really can’t go wrong with some warm woolen socks, whether they’re solid, two-toned, fairisle, striped, argyle or even tie-dyed! Dumbledore would be happy.

Touchscreen gloves are a must for smartphone owners who live in cold climates. I’m personally a fan of Agloves, but if your friend likes more colorful handwear, Boss Tech makes touchscreen gloves in colors other than charcoal and white. And for people in really frigid locales, Hampton has fleece-lined touchscreen gloves.


This might seem like an odd choice, but a foundue set is a great purchase for any college student. Think about it: what better to bond over than delicious melted cheese or chocolate? And the electric heat element is allowed by most college dorms’ fire safety rules. To save your friend from cheap pre-shredded cheese, include a grater.

For those who prefer baking, how about some fun cookie cutters? I made some Ninjabread Men last week that went over wonderfully with my friends. No? How about some Munchstaches?

And for the extra-lazy, try a six-pack…of microwaveable food. You can’t go wrong with pasta, stew, or sweet & sour chicken.

While we’re talking about food, let me suggest a can opener. Throughout my three semesters at college, I have encountered exactly three people who own can openers, and I am not one of them. The number of canned foods I’ve bought without remembering that? Countless.

What did you get for your college friends this holiday season? Let us know in the comment box below!