Last-Minute College Prep Gift Ideas

Last-Minute College Prep Gift Ideas

Is your high school junior or senior getting ready for the college process? Take a look at our list below of great last minute gift ideas to get your child or friend excited for college. Gifts range from useful to the mostly useless.

Books on Getting In

Colleges That Change Lives Think you have to go to an Ivy League school to get an outstanding education? Think again. Author Loren Pope explores 40 schools with among the best undergraduate programs in the nation. And you don’t have to have straight As to get in.

Direct Hits Core Vocabulary Volumes 1 and 2 Nothing quite says merry Christmas like some great vocabulary books. These books are easily the best SAT vocabulary books on the market. With only 200 words in each volume, you won’t waste time studying what won’t end up being on the SAT. The_Gatekeepers_-_Inside_the_Admissions_Process_of_a_Premier_College

The Early Admissions Game Explains the benefits and pitfalls of applying early decision and early action. A comprehensive overview of how early admissions works for admissions offices and applicants.

The Gatekeepers New York Times journalist Jacques Steinberg documents the inner workings of the Wesleyan University admissions office.

Harvard Schmarvard A Harvard grad explains why prestige isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. A very important read to help you stay out of the rat race.

How to Be a High School Superstar The single best book on how to become a standout college applicant AND a satisfied, fulfilled person. An absolute must read for any college-bound student.

The Official SAT Study Guide So this might not feel like the most exciting gift to open on Christmas morning but this book is the holy grail of the SAT. Save yourself thousands of dollars on pricey prep classes and give yourself a good couple of weeks to thoroughly study this book. You’ll nail the SAT.

On Writing the College Application Essay Old but not outdated. Excellent, practical, and accurate advice on mastering the essay.

Fun Stuff

Childhood TV Series The complete set of Boy Meets World episodes will help you relax during the stress of the waiting game and serve as a comforting reminder of home once you’re finally at an awesome college in the fall.CollegeHumor

College Apparel Did your friend get in early decision to college? A t-shirt from their new college is always an exciting gift.

The CollegeHumor Guide To College Practical advice like how to sell organs for beer money. Need I say more?

College Visits Stick a train ticket to New York in a card and stop by Columbia, NYU, Barnard, the New School, and/or Fordham. A really exciting way to start the college process.

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