5 Ways to Beat the Holidaze

5 Ways to Beat the Holidaze

I always feel like Halloween kicks off the holiday season because the first few weeks of November seem to fly by.  You are probably finding yourself swamped with schoolwork and meetings as we try to catch up from Sandy and fit everything in before Thanksgiving.  At this point in the semester, we’re coming down the homestretch, but it is very stressful nonetheless.  As we approach the last week before Thanksgiving break, we can review some strategies that will help up stay on track wellness wise through the holidays and beyond.

The holiday season is so exciting but also somewhat stressful for most individuals.  There’s a lot of energy, social interaction, and time with family.  The centerpiece at most gathers will be the food—from special cookies and pies to casseroles and even eggnog—we will be exposed to much more than we would see in September, for example.

What is the “holidaze”? Well in my family, the holidaze describes when you’ve had a bit too much.  You are tired of going to parties and have completely fallen out of your routine.  You don’t want to see another wreath cookie because you’ve struggled to say no.  You may fall into a funk and lose some of that holiday spirit.

The good news is that we have all experienced the holidaze at one point or another.  This holiday season, we can identify how to avoid getting to that point and figure out how to get back on track if we go overboard.  Here at five things that I plan on doing to beat the holidaze:
Indulge, but selectively: With sweets and treats everywhere, remember that you have the power to pick and choose what you indulge in.  Once the power is in your hands, it’s easier to enjoy what you really want and say no to those store-bought cookies.  You don’t have to sample everything (and you will feel much better the next day if you don’t).

  • Use a small plate: Test this out on Thanksgiving, America’s greatest eating holiday.  You will most likely eat less if you have less room on your plate.  If you don’t want to be rude and get out another plate, fill half your plate with salad or veggies.  Savor what you want to try and realize that the first bite is probably the best.  You want to save room for dessert, right?
  • Cook or bake for others: Pick an old family recipe or a new one (maybe we’ll post some seasonal recipes later!) and share with your family or friends.  It is fun to experiment in the kitchen and share what you have made with others.  You’ll know exactly what ingredients you used and will get the best compliments, too.
  • Stay in a routine: Make time to do the things you would normally do like working out, volunteering, or relaxing.  You will feel like you have more control if you stick to your normal plan and do the activities that keep you sane.
  • Get in the spirit: Believe it or not, there’s more to the holiday season than parties and family gatherings.  See if there are any holiday-themed 5K’s in your area—last year we did a Reindeer Run in Newark and it was a blast.  Check out cool light displays or neighborhoods decked out with decorations.  Enjoy the time to catch up with friends and family and feel cozy at home.

Stay tuned for upcoming recipes and ideas for the holiday season!