Q&A Is Blogging an Extracurricular Activity?

I’m arguing with my dad about putting my blog on my college resume. I blog about Disney so everything is school appropriate. It reaches over five hundred people and I get anywhere from one to ten followers a day, so as you can see it’s growing. He thinks that it’s a good idea to put it on there because it will show what I care about and how much time and effort I put into it without being paid/or forced to do something, but I’m unsure. What’s your opinion?

This sounds so interesting and fun! Colleges get thousands upon thousands of the same sort of applications every day. They hear the same extracurriculars day in and day out. An extracurricular activity doesn’t have to be the same thing that thousands of other kids across the country are doing along with you. In fact, that’s pretty boring. A Disney blog is something that will stand out and really demonstrate your personality. Furthermore, creating a blog that sustains a high readership takes quite a bit of gumption. You’ve got to be creative, motivated, and dedicated.

But aside from all of this, the blog says a lot about who you are. You dedicate a lot of your time and talents to the site without ulterior motives like resume padding or money. All colleges really want to know is who you are as a student. Hearing this quirk about you will make a lot of them smile, demonstrate your work ethic, and tell a lot about who you are. Go for it.

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