Q&A AP or Dual Enrollment

I’m taking Calculus II & III (CD) in high school as part of this program my school does with a nearby college, and I was just wondering how that would look on my application? I get a separate transcript from the college and it doesn’t affect my high school GPA, nor do I get high school credit for it, but I mean like even if its not an AP, are colleges still impressed by the fact that its a high level math class? Or would I be better off taking another AP math class? (from an admissions POV)

It sounds like you are really challenging yourself academically this year! Colleges will recognize this and be impressed. Dual enrollment, enrollment in college classes while in high school, is very common; admissions officers are used to seeing it. You will certainly not be penalized for choosing dual enrollment over a lower level AP course. Ultimately, colleges are looking to see that you challenge yourself. It will be very clear on your application that your enrollment in a math course more advanced than AP Calculus BC that you had worked really hard to craft a challenging academic program for yourself.