Q&A Reporting a 2 on an AP Exam

I got a 2 on my AP exam. Should I report it to colleges?

The College Board explains their 5 point grading scale as this:

5  Extremely well qualified*
4  Well qualified*
3  Qualified*
2  Possibly qualified*
1  No recommendation**

*Qualified to receive college credit or advanced placement
**No recommendation to receive college credit or advanced placement

Few, if any, colleges will grant credit or advanced placement to students who earned AP exam scores of 2. The most competitive colleges certainly will not.

Given that a 2 is considered “not passing,” there is no good reason to report an AP exam score of 1 or 2. On the Common App, students are asked to voluntarily self-report their AP scores. Students are not required to do this by any means. Many students take AP courses but don’t choose to take the exams. This might be because of cost, scheduling, or something else. Colleges will not penalize you for not taking or reporting your exam score. They would probably assume you didn’t take the exam.

If you did choose to report your AP score, admissions officers may question the rigor of your school if you earned a high grade in the class. If you chose not to report your score, the college would simply see nothing. I see no reason for you to disclose your score to any college or university.

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