Q&A: Intellectual Schools and Developmental Psychology Major

What are some schools that have excellent developmental psychology programs? Also, what are some schools with laid back, down to earth yet intellectual students?

Specialized majors like developmental psychology are often not offered at the undergraduate level. Graduate schools prefer that students first develop a broad understanding of the field of psychology before they specialize. That said, there are a few schools in the country that offer developmental psychology programs at the undergraduate level. Below is a non-exhaustive list:

Be sure not to limit yourself to just these schools. While many colleges with top psychology programs may not have undergraduate developmental psychology programs, they may have several renowned faculty who teach developmental psychology courses to undergraduate students. Schools with talented faculty may also have special programs that allow students to design their own major or develop an individualized research project.

Now onto your second question. When I was going through my college search, I was looking for intellectual, non-competitive, and slightly quirky schools around the US. I started my search by reading several books that I’ll recommend. The first is Colleges That Change Lives by Loren Pope. Several of these schools are known for their engaged and curious student body but lack the cutthroat environment of many hyper-competitive schools. Another book I would recommend is Cool Colleges: For the Hyper-Intelligent, Self-Directed, Late Blooming, and Just Plain Different by Donald Asher. He gives reviews of about 50 different schools that range from non-selective to schools in the Ivy League.

During my college search, I found a range of schools that had the intellectual, quirky atmosphere I was seeking out:

And these are only a small portion of the colleges that would fit your criteria!

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