Q&A The Ivy League

Hi, just wondering, is it possible for you to compile a list of Ivy Leagues and the major for which they are known?

This question is not an uncommon one. Students are often wondering how to select the most prestigious school with the best curb appeal. However, I’d like to remind you that the Ivy League is an athletic conference, no more, no less. Just because a school is part of the Ivy League does not mean it necessarily is superior in quality, selectivity (though Ivies are highly selective, many non-Ivies are even more so), or fit. By limiting your favorite schools to those in the Ivy League, you are doing yourself a great disservice. For instance, if your ultimate goal was to get an undergraduate degree in engineering, you’d be missing out on some wonderful schools like MIT, Georgia Tech, and Rose-Hulman that offer arguably some of the best engineering programs in the world.

Furthermore, what a school is “known for” is often not the best measure of what the school’s best programs really are. For instance, Swarthmore is not necessarily known for its educational studies department, but it has a unique program that cannot be found at any other college in the nation at the undergraduate level.

That being said, it’s a lot easier to decide you want to go to school with Emma Watson then to sift through the nitty gritty details of academics, size, culture, location, and cost (most importantly). If you’re having trouble getting started with your search, a great place to start is a tool called SuperMatch. It helps you find schools that will fit you well and run the gamut in selectivity and prestige.

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