Q&A: How to Discuss Summer Programs on the Common App

I’ve done CTY summer programs for three or four summers now. I don’t know where they would go on the common app? Would you put it down under “classes taken on a college campus” or just the extracurricular activities section? Would there be enough room to say what the classes were on? Because I feel that would show something about my interests.

Ahh CTY! I will say I participated in CTY Summer Programs for 2 summers and loved every minute of them.

I couldn’t resist! I must be feeling nostalgic.

That said, it’s difficult to find a place for them on your applications. You can (and should) include them in the “classes taken on a college campus” section but that doesn’t give you the space to explain what classes you took or that the course was even a part of CTY.

You have a few different ways of tackling this issue. One option is to include your classes in your extracurricular activity section. Again though, you’ve only got 4 or 5 words to explain CTY which could be difficult. The best idea is to attach a resume that explains CTY in addition to all of you other extracurricular activities. Using a resume gives you the opportunity to arrange your activities thematically which can help demonstrate how CTY fits in with everything else in your life.

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