Q&A Workshops on the Common App?

Is there a place on the Common App to put down workshops you’ve been in? Ex: Writing/Photography workshop that was portfolio based but you paid money to participate. Should you put it down at all?

If these workshops helped you grow as a student, then by all means include them on your application. They demonstrate that you have an interest in a given a subject, something colleges are always looking for. If the workshop was hosted on a college or secondary school campus, there is a space in the education section of the Common App to indicate that you took a course on a college campus or secondary school campus. That said, there is no space to provide an explanation of this workshop or even identify the topic of the workshop. Your best bet here is to attach a resume explaining your extracurricular activities and accomplishments. This will give you both the space to explain how this workshop was significant to you and the ability to tie the workshop into the rest of your extracurricular activities. On the other hand, if you attended a workshop that doesn’t match with your interests and you don’t feel helped you grow as a student, think hard before deciding if it’s worth including.

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