Q&A Does This Count As Community Service?

I am a leader and coordinator of my church’s band, play bass guitar, keyboard, and piano in said band, and work as a Mandarin Chinese to English translator for my church. I do not get paid, and it is completely volunteer-based. Should I put that down as community service on the Common App? Thank you!

Community service is defined as “[v]oluntary work intended to help people in a particular area.” I believe that your involvement in your church would absolutely qualify. That said, the Common App does not ask you to categorize your activities as extracurricular activities, work, or community service.

Because your activities are little unusual and possibly require more a 5 or 6 word explanation that you get on the Common App, you might consider attaching a resume or a list of church-related activities with explanations. This can help give colleges a more complete picture of you as a person and how you engage in your community.

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