Q&A — What’s the Most Important Part of the Application?

Q: If I was put on a waitlist, but didn’t make it, would it be a big deal to apply as a transfer??

A: It’s impossible to speak for every college. On transfer applications, most schools will ask if you have applied to the institution before. Why do they ask that exactly? Nobody can really be sure. Perhaps it’s just so they can pull out an old file. In any case, there have been stories of applicants who were initially rejected and then accepted and stories of applicants who were unsuccessful in both attempts.

If you are about to enter your freshman year, please put these worries behind you. If you were waitlisted at your first choice school, odds are you are attending another wonderful institution. What makes a school your perfect fit is your conviction that it is such. Make sure to enjoy every minute of college and don’t wallow in the past. Suck your college dry of every resource it has to offer and keep pushing forward.


Q: What is the most important part of the application? essays, scores, letters, what?

A: It really depends on the individual school. For colleges that use holistic admissions, all aspects of the application are equally important and all viewed within context. However, oftentimes at large state schools with enormous applicant pools, quantifiable data – that means GPA and test scores – is most important.

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